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1 Changzuo Wang, Chunjiang Zhao, Jindi Wang, Jihua Wang, Liangyun Liu, Pengxin Wang, Juanjuan Jing, Zhijie Wang. Correlatioin analysis between Hyperspectral Feature and foliage water content in the growth period of winter wheat. IGRRSS, 2003
2 Erik van den Elsen, Rudi Hessel, Baoyuan Liu, Kim O Trouwborst,J. Stolte, Coen J.Ritsema, Harry Blijenberg. Discharge and sediment measurements at the outlet of a watershed on the Loess plateau of China. Catena, 2003, 54:147-160
3 Erik van den Elsen, Yun Xie, Baoyuan Liu, Jannes Stolte, Yonqui Wu, Kim Trouwborst, Coen J,Ritsema . Intensive water content and discharge measurement system in a hillslope gully in China. Catena, 2003, 54: 93-115
4 Fang, Xiuqi, Yun Xie, and Lingjun Li. Effects of Duststorms on The Air Pollution in Beijing 2003, Focus 3: 93-101
5 Feng Liu, Yanmin Shuai, Ding xin, Qijiang zhu, Shuhong Liu, Zhenkun Tian.Data mining about hyperspectral data of winter wheat based on data warehouse and data organization. 2003
6 Ge Quansheng, Fang Xiuqi, Zheng Jingyun Quasi-periodicity of temperature changes on the millennial scale. Natural Science, 2003, 13 (8)
7 Guang-hui Zhang, Bao-yuan Liu, Guo-bin Liu, Xiao-Wen Li. Detachment of Undisturbed Soil by Shallow Flow, 2003
8 Guangjian Yan, Yuyu hou, Jindi Wang, Xiaowen Li. An Iterative Temperature Inversion Method for Nonisothermal Land Surfaces, 2003
9 Guangjian Yan, Yuyu Zhou, Jindi Wang, Xiaowen L.An Iterative Temperautre Inversion Method for Nonisothermal Land Surfaces, 2003
10 Hao Zhang, Hua Yang, Jiao Ziti, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang, Xin Ding, Jinbao Liu Class-based kernels selection for albedo inversion by kernel-driven BRDF model, 2003
11 Hua WANG, Peng-xin WANG, Li-ming HE, Xiao-wen LI, Jin-di Wang, Juan-juan JING, Pei-juan WANG.An Apporach on LAI assimilation between field measurement and crop model simulation, 2003
12 J. Stolte, Baoyuan Liu, C.J. Ritsema, H.G.M.van den Elsen, R. Hessel . Modelling water flow and sediment processes in a small gully system on the Loess Plateau in China.Catena, 2003, 54: 117-130
13 Jiangtao Lee, Suhong Liu, Qijiang Zhu A Correlation Comparison for Remotely Sensed Data with Different Resolutions, 2003
14 Jindi Wang, Ziti Jiao, Feng Gao, Liou Xie, Guangjian Yan, Yueqin Xiang, Shunlin Liang,Xiaowen Li. Validation of MODIS albedo product by using field measurements and airborne multi-angular remote sensing observations. IGRRSS, 2003
15 Jing Juanjuan, Wang Jihua, Wang Jindi, Pan Yuchun,Liu Liangyun ,Huang Wenjiang, Winter Wheat Yield Estimation Using the NDVI Contribution at Different Growth Stages. IGRRSS, 2003
16 K.G.Zhao, J.C.Shi, L.X.Zhang, L.M.Jiang, Z.J.Zhang, J.Qin, Y.J.Yao, J.C.Hu. Retrieval of Bare Soil Surface Parameters From Simulated Data Using Neural Networks Combined with IEM. 2003
17 Kunqing Xie, Yongqiu Wu, Xiujun Ma, Yu Liu, Baoyuan Liu, R Hessel. Using contour lines to generate digital elevation models for steep slope areas: a case study of the Loess Plateau in North China. Catena, 2003, 54: 161-171
18 Li Qing, Liu Shuhong, hao Xiang, Wang Peijuan. The Quantity Analysis Method Research of Oil and Gas Geo-Anomaly Information Mining, 2003
19 Lihong Su, Xiaolian Deng,Jindi Wang,Xiaowen Li. Managing and distributing remote sensing images based on metadata and microimage. IGRRSS, 2003
20 Liming He, Guangjian Yan, Hua Wang, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang Atmospheric Correction for AMTIS Single-channel Multi-angular Thermal-infrared Imagery , 2003
21 Liming He, Hua Wang, Guangjian Yan, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang. Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Single Scattering Albedo from AMTIS Imagery, 2003
22 Liming He, Xiao wen Li, Hua Wang, Guangjian Yan, Jindi Wang . Atmospheric Correction for AMTIS VIS/NIR Bands Imagery Based on BRDF Loop and MODTRAN4, 2003
23 Lingmei Jiang, J Shi, Kaiguang Zhao,Lixin Zhang. Evaluate Subsurface Effects on AMSR-E's Snow Depth Retrieval. 2003
24 Lixin Zhang, Jiancheng Shi, Zhongjun Zhang, Kaiguang Zhao. The estimation of dielectric constant of frozen soil-water mixture at microwace bands. 2003
25 Peijuan Wang, Suhong Liu, Xiang Zhao, Yonghua Qu, Qijiang hu, Yanjuan Yao. The Study on the Method of Monitoring and Analyzing mineral Environment with Remote Sensing Images, 2003
26 Quansheng Ge, Jingyun Zheng, Xiuqi Fang, Zhimin Man, Xueqin Zhang, Piyuan Zhang, Wei-Chyung Wang. Winter half-year temperature reconstruction for the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and Yangtze River, China, during the past 2000 years. The Holocene 2003, 13(6)
27 Rudi Hessel, Victor Jetten, Baoyuan Liu, Zhang Yan, Jannes Stolte. Calibration of the LISEM model for a small Loess Plateau catchment. Catena, 2003, 54: 235-254
28 Shaomin Liu, Jiemin Wang, Jindi Wang. Study on Energy Balance over Different Surfaces, 2003
29 ShengTian Yang, ChuangMing Liu, Rui Sun. The Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Drought in Yellow River Basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS. 2003
30 SunRui, Zhou Yuyu, Liu Changming, Yang Shiqi. Response of Net Primary Productivity on Climate Change in the Yellow River Basin, 2003
31 Tang Shihao,Wang Jindi, Ding Xin, Wu Menxin, Zhao Feng. Design and realization of web-based remote sensing model library. IGRRSS, 2003
32 Wang Hua, Wang Penxin. Li Xiaowen, Wang Jindi. An Apporach on data assimilation of leaf area index between field measurement and crop model simulation. IGRRSS, 2003
33 Wang jun, Fu Bo-jie, Qiu Yang, Chen Li-ding. The effects of land use and its patterns on soil properties in a small catchment of the Loess Plateau Jumal of Environmental Sciences, 2003, 15(2)
34 Wang Pengxin, Li Xiaowen, WangJindi. Using path analysis to study correlation and causation in remote sensing inversion. IGRRSS, 2003
35 Xiedonghui, Wu Menxin, Zhu Qijiang, Wang Jindi, Tang Shihao. Quantitatibe remote sensing research on the vegetation 3-Dvisual simulation based on object oriented technique. IGRRSS, 2003
36 Xing Ding, Lihong Su, Shihao Tang, Jindi Wang, Menxin Wu. Practice of Quantitatibe Remote Sensing Model Library Based on COM Technique. IGRRSS, 2003
37 Xiuqi Fang, Weihong Yu, Yuling Ma. Response of the Grassland in Hulun Buir Steppe of Northeast China to NOAA/AVHRR NDVI. 2003
38 Xiuqi Fang, Yun Xie, Lingjuni Li. Effects of duststorms on the air pollution in Beijing. 2003, 3
39 Yanjuan Yao, Guangjian Yan, Jindi Wang, Xiaowen Li. Leaf Area Index Inversion Using Multiangular and Multispectral Data Sets. IGRRSS, 2003
40 Yonghua Qu, Suhong Liu, Jindi Wang, Peijuan Wang, Xiang hao, Yunjuan Yao The Construction of J2EE-Based Spectrum Knowledge Base System for Typical Object in China, 2003
41 Yonghua Qu, Suhong Liu, Jindi Wang, Peijuan Wang, Xiang zhao, Yunjuan Yao. The Construction of J2EE-Based Spectrum Knowledge Base System for Typical Object in China, 2003
42 Yongqiu Wu, Kunqing Xie, Qingchun Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yun Xie, Guanghui Zhang, Wenbo Zhang, Coen J Ritsema. Crop characteristics and their temporal change on the Loess Plateau of China. Catena, 2003, 54: 7-16
43 Yun Xie, James R. Kiniry, Jimmy R. Williams. The ALMANAC model's sensitivity to input variables. Agricultural Systems,2003, 78: 1-16
44 Yuyu Zhou, Guangjinan Yan, Qijiang Zhou, Shihao Tang. New Airborne Multi-angle High Resolution Sensor AMTIS LAI Inversion Based on Neural Network, 2003
45 Zhang hong, Wang Chao, Tang Yixian, Liu Xhi. A new image registration Method for Multi-frequency Airborne High-resolution SAR Images, 2003
46 Zhang, Guanghui, Bao-yuan Liu, Guo-bin Liu, Xiao-wu He, and M. A . Nearing. Detachment of Undisturbed Soil by Shallow Flow. Soil Sci.Soc. Am. J. 2003(67): 713-719
47 Zhang, Y. B.Y. Liu, Q. C. Zhang, Y. Xie . Effect of different vegetation types on soil erosion by water. Acta Botanical Sinica, 2003, 45(10):1204-1209
48 Zhao Hongrui, Shi Hong,Yang Hua, Xu Wangli, Wang Jindi, Li Xiaowen. Analydes of the relationship between atmospheric temperature structure and EOFs. IGRRSS, 2003
49 Zhao Hongrui, Shi Hong,Yang Hua, Li Xiaowen,Wang Jindi, Zhang Xin. Separating the radiance contribution of land surface and atmosphere. IGRRSS, 2003
50 Zhao Hongrui, Xu Wangli, Yang Hua, Li Xiaowen, Wang Jindi, Cui Hongxia. The maximum entropy algorithm for the determination of the Tikhonov regularization parameter in quantitative remote sensing inwersion. IGRRSS, 2003
51 Zhao Xiang, Liu Suhong, Wang Peijuna, Li Qing, Liu Xinghui, Qu Yonghua. A Study on the Remote Sensing Information Model about the Water Pollution Caused by Mine Tailings, 2003
52 Zhongjun Zhang, Guoqing Sun, Lixin zhang. A Discrete to Evaluate Vegetation Effect in Passive Microwave Soil Moisture Retrieval, 2003
53 蔡永明,张科利,李双才. 不同粒径制间土壤制裁地资料的转换问题研究. 土壤学报,2003,40(4)
54 方修琦,李令军,谢云. 沙尘天气过境前后北京大气污染物质量浓度的变化.北京师范大学学报(自然科学版)2003,39(3):407-411
55 高晓飞,谢云. 用ALMANAC作物生长模型模拟冬小麦生长. 自然资源学报,2003,18(4)
56 海春兴,付金生,王学萌. 气候和人类活动对河北坝上丰宁县土壤风蚀沙化的影响[J] 干旱区资源与环境,2003,17(1):69-76
57 郝璐,王静爱,史培军,范一大. 草地畜牧业雪灾脆弱性评价. 自然灾害学报,2003,12(2)
58 黄丽萍,赵小杰,姚力,金真. 一种多检验方法FDR在脑功能磁共振成像(fMRI)处理中的应用. 北京师范大学学报(自然科学版),2003,39(3)
59 黄宇. 国际环境教育的发展与中国的绿色学校 比较教育研究,2003,152
60 孔来平,张科利. 黄土坡面侵蚀产波沿程变化的模拟试验研究. 泥沙研究,2003,1
61 李小丽. 浅析北京市房价水平偏高的原因. 城市开发,2003,4期
62 李小丽,梁进社,张同升. 中国城乡居民收入差距的省区间比较分析. 人文地理,2003,18(2)
63 林燕,谢云,王晓岚. 土壤水蚀模型中的融雪侵蚀模拟研究. 水土保持学报,2003,17(3):16-20
64 刘宪春,张强莉. 流域水资源可持续开发利用中激励机制地应用. 农业现代化研究,2003,24(5):339-343
65 马晓微,杨勤科,刘宝元. 水土流失评价数据库建立中的数据标准化研究--以中国潜在水土流失数据库为例. 地域研究与开发,2003,22(3):14-17,35
66 邱扬,傅伯杰,王军 ,陈利顶. 黄土丘陵小流域土地利用的时空分布及其与其他地形因子的关系。 自然资源学报,2003,18(1)
67 邱扬,李湛东,张玉钧,徐化成,于汝元. 大兴安岭北部原始林兴安落叶松种群世代结构的研究. 林业科学,2003,39(3)
68 邱玉珺,王静爱,邹学勇. 区域灾害评价模型 . 自然灾害学报,2003 ,12(3)
69 邵雪梅,方修琦,刘洪滨,黄磊. 柴达木东缘山地千年祁连圆柏年轮定年分析 地理学报,2003,58(1).
70 史培军,宋长青,葛道凯,傅伯杰,王民,刘宝元,王仰麟. 中国地理教育:继承与创新. 中国地图出版社,2003,58(1)
71 史培军,王民. 基础地理教育改革步伐加快新旧体系共舞. 中学地理,2003
72 宋金平,张同升. 长江中游退田还湖地区农业劳动力转移特征与途径. 地理研究,2003,22(1)
73 王锦地,李小文,苏红波,焦子锑. 两组分非同温像元热辐射中多次散射影响的解析模型和验证.遥感学报,2003,7(1)
74 王静爱,苏筠,刘目兴. 渤海海水作为淡水资源的开发利用与区域可持续发展. 北京师范大学学报社会科学版,2003,3
75 王静爱,吴殿廷,葛岳静,梁进社,史培军. 区域地理课程体系设计与实践. 高等理科教育,2003,47(1)
76 王军,傅伯杰,邱扬,陈利顶,余莉. 黄土高原小流域土壤养分的空间分布格局--Kriging插值分析. 地理研究,2003,22(3)
77 王理,徐伟,王静爱. 中国历史地震活动时空分异.北京师范大学学报(自然科学版),2003,39(4)
78 王平,刘慧平,潘耀忠. 中国地理信息系统教育现状分析与政策建议. 地理信息世界,2003,01(4)
79 王欣,曹周建,吴殿廷. 关于城市郊区化的本质讨论. 城市化,2003,4
80 王瑛,朱良,王静爱. 基于多媒体技术的《中国自然灾害》教育软件开发. 灾害学,2003,18(2)
81 王志强,刘宝元,路炳军. 黄土高原半干旱区土壤干层水分恢复研究. 生态学报, 2003,23(9):1944-1950
82 吴殿廷,葛全胜,徐继填,陈田,牛亚菲,席建超,李小丽. 西部旅游开发战略模式的探讨,旅游学刊,2003,18(1)
83 吴殿廷,郭来喜,葛全胜,李小丽. 论三峡地区旅游业的可持续发展. 北京师范大学学报社会科学版. 2003,4
84 吴殿廷,宋金平,梁进社,张同升. 库兹涅茨比率的分解及其在我国地区差异分析中的应用,地理科学,2003,23(4)
85 吴殿廷,朱青. 区域定量划分方法的初步研究--兼论用断裂点理论进行区域划分问题. 北京师范大学学报自然科学版,2003,39(3)
86 谢云,James Kinity,刘宝元. 不同空间尺度下的ALMANAC模型验证. 应用生态学报,2003,14(8):1291-1295
87 谢云,林燕,张岩. 通用土壤流失方程的发展与应用. 地理科学进展,2003,22(3)
88 谢云,王晓岚,林燕. 近40年中国东部地区夏秋粮作物农业气候生产潜力时空变化. 资源科学,2003,25(2):7-13
89 徐香兰,张科利,徐宪立,彭文英. 黄土高原地区土壤有机碳估算及其分布规律分析,2003,17(3):13-20
90 杨华,许王莉,赵红蕊,陈雪, 王锦地. 定量遥感正则化反演中的信息流及其控制. 中国科学(D辑),2003,3(8)
91 叶芝菡,刘宝元,章文波,符素华,徐春达. 北京市降雨侵蚀力及其空间分布. 中国水土保持科学,2003,1(1):16-20
92 张立新,韩文玉,顾同欣. 冻融过程对景电灌区草窝滩盆地土壤水盐动态的影响. 冰川冻土,2003,25(3)
93 张文新. 中国城市郊区化研究的评价与展望.城市规划汇刊,2003,1
94 张文新,朱良. 中国大城市人口居住郊区化现状与对策. 北京师范大学学报(自然科学版),2003,39(3)
95 章文波. 北方农牧交错带降雨侵蚀力的时空分布. 自然科学进展,2003,13(6)
96 章文波. 北方农牧交错带降雨侵蚀力的时空分布. 自然科学进展,2003,13(6):651-654
97 章文波,付金生. 不同类型降雨资料估算降雨侵蚀力的比较研究 . 资源科学,2003,25(1):35-41
98 章文波,刘宝元. 北方农牧交错带降水极值变化空间特征. 自然资源学报,2003,18(3):274-280
99 章文波,刘宝元. 基于GIS的中国土壤侵蚀预报信息系统.水土保持学报,2003,17(2):89-92
100 章文波,谢云,刘宝元. 中国降雨侵蚀力空间变化特征.山地学报,2003,21(1):33-40
101 周尚意. 人文地理学者的任务:认识空间乎?解释空间乎?. 地域研究与开发 2003,22(4)
102 周尚意,李新,董蓬勃. 北京郊区化进程中人口分布与大中型商场布局的互动. 经济地理,2003,23(3)
103 周尚意,王海宁,范砾瑶. 交通廊道对城市社会空间的侵入作用. 地理研究.2003,22(1)

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